THE TABLE || This very personal project has quite the back story. I have a very diverse, creative and inspiring group of friends. One of whom decided to move to Barcelona, so as a group we started thinking of farewell gifts. At first we thought of giving him a collage of pictures but we decided we could do better then that. That evening a better idea began to form, we dediced to make an elaborate group picture, a modern interpretation of big classic paintings in the style of Rembrandt’s “Night Watch” and modern photographs by artists like David LaChapelle and Miles Aldridge.

We all pitched in ideas and the idea for “The Table” was born. A group picture depicting all of us together in a manner that suited everyone individually, with hidden jokes and tongue in cheek humor. During that meeting I made a sketch, which we presented to our friend who had to be part of the picture and soon after, planning of the shoot started.

We looked for locations and found an old abandonned warehouse in the middle of Rotterdam which we could use. We rented equipment, arranged our own styling and props and made a schedule. Since the entire group wasn’t able to be on location at the same time we shot almost everyone individually over the course of two full days. I then took all the seperate elements and meticulously stitched and photoshopped everything into one big epic picture. A testament to friendship, diversity, inclusivity and living your own true life, always!

Here are some behind the scenes shots I took to give you an idea of the atmosphere on set, which was truly incredible!