THE KNOCKS || I was asked to design the official band logo for the electronic dance music duo from New York called "The Knocks". All the typography that you see are hand drawn elements painted with ink on paper which was then scanned to add a raw and personal touch to the look of the logo.

The official logo

Several uses of the logo in single covers

The music video for the song "Collect My Love" featuring Alex Newell.

The logo was later embroidered on bomber jackets which have become the trademark look for the duo in music videos and during stage performances. Here are two examples of the album cover for their album "55" and for the single cover for the song "Kiss The Sky" which features Wyclef Jean.

In 2016 The Knocks were asked to join Justin Bieber as his official support act during Bieber's "Purpose Tour", travelling the globe and opening up to large stadium audiences, the created logo was used as a backdrop during their performances.