SOA AIDS || I was asked by SOA AIDS Netherlands to collaborate with them to devellop a campaign to create awareness about the risks of syphillis. The campaign was targeted at the visitors of gay party’s in Amsterdam where drug use and (unprotected) sex were a risk factor. Because of this we decided to use imagery which visually reffered to these party’s, showing men in revealing outfits, intimate positions and a dark vibe with glowing neon colors.

The images were meant to tantalize and attract attention and on closer inspection the spectator would notice the overlayed illustration which gave a visual representation of the symptoms of syphillis in it’s various stages. There was also a call to action, which directed viewers to a web page where they could find more information about the symptoms and risks of syphillis and how it could be treated, as well as an advice to get tested on a regular basis. Research showed that the campaign had a very high success rate and generated a lot of response.