POLITICAL CARTOONS || At times things happen in the world that shock, sadden or inspire me to speak up. I use a medium that is most comfortable to me, visual media. So I tend to translate my thoughts and create quick cartoons to sum up my ideas about a certain situation. Here is a collection of some of those cartoons.

Made after the attack on Charlie Hebdo's offices

Made after the devastating earthquakes in Nepal

Made in honor of Gay Pride Amsterdam 2015

My commentary and take on the Syrian refugee crisis

After the shooting at the Bataclan theatre in Paris, France

Made in honor of Black History Month

My commentary on Donald Trump's presidency campaign

After several terrorist attacks in Turkey, Syria and Brussels

The night we lost Prince

Made after the vicious attack on gay club Pulse in Orlando

After the shooting of Alton Sterling by police officers

Made after the terrorist attack in Nice in 2016

In response to the migrant crisis in the USA