NIGHT VISIONS || I was asked to create the album cover, logo and trademark for "Night Visions", the latest release by dutch DJ and producer Joshua Walter. He wanted to present his music in a different way, which is why he gathered a group of young creatives together to create a visual album. Young filmmakers, dancers and actors create short films and music videos for each individual track and it was my job to capture the mood of the album into an engaging album cover.

The full title for the project was "Nocturnal Animals ; Night Visions" which is why I created a visual which consists of a composition of nocturnal animals emerging from a nightly jungle, all looking directly at the viewer. I tried to create a pallete that was almost entirely drowned in dark gray's and black with only the eyes of the animals looking at you from the darkness. This creates a mood of suspense and mystery.

I also created the logo and trademark. Below you can see the development of the visual, from sketch to final album cover.

For more information on Joshua Walter and his music you can go here

Rough sketch

Clean Ink Drawing

ugh Sketch

Final Illustration

Final Album Cover

Logo and Trademark

A special widescreen version of the album cover which was used on a WeTransfer page where the visual album could be downloaded