L’HOMO JUICY WEEKEND || One of the biggest, most high profile gay magazine’s is L’HOMO, an annual special edition of LINDA magazine specifically focused on the LGBTQ+ community. They have their own instagram account and each weekend they ask someone within the community to do a takeover of their insta stories, called “The Juicy Weekend”.

I was asked to do the juicy weekend in september and I immediately had an idea. I wanted to do a shoot with two models as I usually do , but I also wanted to offer followers a chance to be photographed by me. I often get feedback that the models on my insta profile are normally white and have very fit bodies. I wanted to give everyone a chance to experience a photoshoot and basically live their best life. So I posted a message with a link to a special website where people could sign up for a chance to win a shoot. From those submissions I picked 12 people at random who would then be shot, in my trademark neon style in the studio, providing their own wardrobe etc.

The result was a group of people that covered a wide range of ages, races and gender diversity. Shooting them was a complete joy. It was a huge marathon project, but totally worth it. Below are the results of the shoot, as presented on my instagram profile. 

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After the shoot was done I retouched one picture of each model and posted three shots a day. To coincide with the posts I also uploaded teaser images on my instagram stories, each containing a quote or message devoted to self empowerment or an issue that deserves specific attention.

The response to the shoot was overwhelmingly positive.


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