GLR || The Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam has been a client of my employee for almost 10 years, and each year we create a new campaign to attract new students. The school is one of the most acclaimed in the country and offers students a lot of study profiles in the creative sector. I’ve been personally involved in the creative process of develloping the campaigns, both conceptually, art directionally and visually.

This year’s campaign focused around the school’s pay-off “Enter The Creative World”. We develloped a swirling vortex so to speak that sort of sucks you into the creative world, where along the way you come across elements that are part of the education. We made a general key visual, but also a range of keyvisuals for each specific education profile the school offers. In those key visuals we highlight a student, photographed in forced perspective, surrounded by elements and gear they would use at school and their field of business. The examples below are those visuals as used in this years brochures.

Behind the scenes of the photoshoot


Means of communication